Comission Information

Art commissions include any type of fine art projects, such as paintings on canvas or paper. It may also be a digital
painting. It can be a wide variety of topics, like your Dungeons and Dragons Character or other
Fantasy scenes. It could also be your pets or a landscape.

I draw with graphite on paper, with watercolours on paper, with gouache on paper or on canvas panels and with acrylics on canvases.
For digital artworks I tend to use Art Rage Vitae most of the time. Other options are Sketchbook Pro and Affinity Photo.

Illustration commissions include a variety of projects from small ones, such as illustrating and
creating invitations cards or creation tattoo designs to big ones such as Album-Covers, Book Covers or
Book Illustration as a whole. In a friendly environment I always look forward to exploring new types
of projects.

Tools I use for the creation of Illustration are either traditional mediums such as watercolour,
gouache, graphite, or digital mediums. (I often mix watercolours and gouache together.)
Digital software’s are mainly Sketchbook Pro, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity


In my Ko-Fi Shop, you will find seamless patterns. These are digital files (TIFF + JPG) which can be printed on diverse materials such as fabric. If you merely purchase the pattern, you will ONLY be able to have it printed on physical items in a non-commercial and private context. To be able to sell them commercially, I urge you to buy the appropriate licence. All patterns were created with love and passion by myself.

Once having contacted me for one of the patterns and after having paid for it, I will get back to you with a link. In this link you will find the two files, both of which you will be able to download including a confirmation for the matching licence.

On Ko-Fi you will also be able to support me and my work otherwise by tipping me a coffee.


P.S.: Ko-Fi takes 5% of my revenues as a plattform fee.

licensing types and terms of use


This licence is for private use.

The pattern may be used for physical items (e.g., fabrics, cushions, mugs, bags, t-shirts etc.), as a gift or for private purposes. Any form of commercial use is hereby prohibited.

The digital file shall not be passed to anyone else.



This licence is for limited commercial use.

It can be used to sell up to 1000 products/meter. Once this has been reached, the extended licence must be purchased.

The design may ONLY be sold through physical items (fabrics, bags, mugs, cushions, notebooks, writing pads, wrapping paper, etc.).

You are permitted to use the design for promotional purposes (social media, paid advertising, flyers, etc.) with this licence.

The sale of the design via any print-on-demand possibilities is prohibited!

The digital file shall never be redistributed and shall not be used for reselling.



This licence allows you to sell up to 10,000 products/meter.

Again, the design may ONLY be sold as physical products (fabrics, bags, mugs, cushions, notebooks, writing pads, wrapping paper, etc.).

It may be used for promotional purposes (social media, paid advertising, flyers, etc.).

The selling of the design via any print-on-demand websites is prohibited!

The digital file may not be redistributed or resold.



If you would like to receive an unlimited licence, please contact me by email or by using the contact form on my website


All patterns have been drawn with love and passion by me (Dominique Marlier). As an artist, I therefore always hold all copyrights and ownership of the artwork.


Please note that colours always may vary slightly in print, so a test print is ALWAYS recommended before mass printing.

All designs are created in 300dpi RGB colour mode.

All licence types are non-exclusive.

The artist, Dominique Marlier, cannot be held responsible for printing errors.


© 2023 Dominique Marlier, All rights reserved.